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Bridgehill First Responder CAR STANDARD, Fire Blanket

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The most efficient way to isolate and extinguish car fires, even in electric vehicles. Any car fire is dangerous and toxic. A car fire in a gas station, road tunnel, car park or passenger ferry can be a disaster. The Bridgehill Car Fire Blanket enables you to contain the flames, smoke and toxic fumes in a car fire in seconds. It’s the only solution that can effectively handle fires in electric vehicles. Suitable for professional firefighters and other organizations that may have to deal with multiple fires. Blocks and isolate fire in electric vehicles.

  • Controls fire in any car within seconds
  • The most efficient solution for isolating fire in electric vehicles
  • Immediate isolation of toxic gases and smoke, protecting civilians from carcinogen exposure
  • Isolate any small fire
  • Suitable for normal size vehicles including SUVs like the Volvo XC90 and Land Rovers
  • Delivered in a smartbag
  • EN 13501-1. Reaction to fire classification: A1
  • Ideal for places with a high concentration of cars: Underground parking garages, Ferries, Gas stations, Charging stations, Workshops, Car dealers, Tunnels, Parking lots

Size/Weight  ± 19.8 x 26 ft (514.8 ft2) / ± 57.3 lb
Core material380 gsm graphite
Coating± 120 silicon polymer (flames may occur during first time use).
In fires with high levels of conduction heat, flames may appear from the
coating of the fire blanket. This will not alter the performance of the fire blanket.
Car sizesHandle cars up to normal SUV size like Land Rover, XC90 etc.
Main usageFossil fuel vehicles
Electric/hybrid vehicles
SmartbagAirtight bag that blocks potential hazardous gases coming from used fire blankets.
Smartbag care and maintenance: Use silicon grease on the zipper to keep the bag airtight and smell free.

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