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SILV-EX PLUS Class A Fire control Concentrate - 55 Gallon Drum

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SILV-EX PLUS concentrate is designed specifically for use on Class A fuel fires including wood, paper, coal, and rubber. SILV-EX PLUS foam gives the fire fighter extinguishment capabilities, exposure protection, and increased safety. Although designed for Class A fires, SILV-EX PLUS foam can be effective on some Class B flammable liquid fires when applied by medium and high expansion devices.
SILV-EX PLUS solution can be used with aspirating and non-aspirating discharge devices, compressed air foam systems (CAFS), or dropped from fixed or rotary wing aircraft.

Fire extinguishment mechanisms in effect when using SILV-EX PLUS ‘‘Class A’’ Fire Control Concentrate include:
  • Reduction of the surface tension of water, which provides the SILV-EX PLUS solution with superior wetting and penetrating characteristics. This renders Class A fuels less combustible and allows the solution to penetrate past the char to control deep seated fires.
  • Extended drain time provides longer surface wetting, reducing the risk of ignition/reignition.
  • SILV-EX PLUS agent creates a foam blanket which provides an insulating barrier between the fuel and air.
  • SILV-EX PLUS foam suppresses combustible vapors while cooling the fuel.

In addition, SILV-EX PLUS concentrate offers fire fighting characteristics:
  • The brilliant white foam reflects heat. n SILV-EX PLUS solution creates a dense foam blanket with excellent insulating properties.
  • SILV-EX PLUS foam clings to vertical surfaces for structure protection.
  • The wetting and penetrating characteristics of the SILV-EX PLUS solution reduce the combustibility of Class A fuels and makes water five times more effective.

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