3M™ Scott™ V320 Thermal Imager

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3M™  Scott™ V320 Thermal Imager
Today's firefighters operate in extreme conditions, where temperatures are capable of rising faster and where visibility is reduced in seconds.
Conditions within these environments can put firefighters in situations where their safety is compromised and they must have a complete
understanding of the environment. The V320, featuring a 320x240 sensor, and equipped with extended battery life, provides firefighters
with mission critical information that enables firefighters to make better decisions in extreme conditions.

  • 320x240 High Resolution Sensor - Provides clear images enabling firefighters to navigate through limited-visibility conditions. 
  • Extended Battery Life - Up to Eight-hour runtime with a removable rechargeable battery
  • Single Button - Single button ON/OFF provides easy deployment. No menus required. 
  • 3.5” High-Contrast Display - Ensures the image on the display can be seen in multiple light conditions.
  • Fast Startup Time - Ready for use within five seconds of activating the power button – without the use of a standby mode!
  • Lightweight, Durable Design - Designed to withstand the extreme conditions. 
  • Ergonomics - Ergonomically designed and balanced for comfort with a gloved hand.
  • LCD User Interface - Displaying battery indicator, Shutdown indicator with countdown, Crosshair, Overheat indicator, Color reference bar, Temperature-to-Color reference points and Temperature indicator.

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