January 13, 2023

Municipal Emergency Services, Inc. (MES) announced today it has acquired Blue Ridge Rescue Suppliers

Municipal Emergency Services (MES, Inc.) acquired Blue Ridge Rescue Suppliers on January 13, 2023. Founded in 2001, Blue Ridge Rescue Suppliers is the leading Honeywell First Responder turnout gear provider to municipalities and volunteer fire departments throughout Virginia.

Tom Hubregsen, CEO of MES, commented, “We are thrilled to have the Blue Ridge Rescue Suppliers team join the MES family. Their decades of experience in providing excellent customer service will make them a great addition to our company. We look forward to building and expanding our existing business in Virginia to include a wider selection of turnout gear solutions, rescue equipment, body armor, and uniform services.” Jamey Brads, owner of Blue Ridge Rescue Suppliers, stated, “We’re excited that our customers will be served by the largest network of first responder equipment and service providers in North America. Additionally, our customers will continue to work with the same team they’ve trusted for their equipment and PPE needs.”

About Municipal Emergency Services, Inc.
Established in 2001 Municipal Emergency Services has quickly grown to be a leading supplier of many of the best brands in the fire service including 3M Scott, Honeywell, Fire-Dex, Seek Thermal, Hurst Jaws of Life, Matex Hose, Elbeco, 5.11 Tactical and many more. With a national network of sales representatives, mobile service technicians and in-house service centers strategically located around the United States, we can assure that our customers are purchasing quality name brand equipment.

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