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Auto service and support packages available!

MES is your knowledge based Compressor Solution Specialists! MES specializes in the service and maintenance of your breathing air compressors and cascade systems. Our service technicians can inspect and repair any of Scott Safety’s products on-site with our state of the art mobile service centers.

Multi-point Inspections and Testing

MES factory trained and certified technicians will clean and conduct an operational inspection of your breathing air compressors and cascade systems. Any deficiencies will be noted and recorded in our database.

Data Collection - Record Kepping MES maintains a database where we create, collect, maintain and store all records pertaining to each breathing air compressor. We take care of all documentation and paperwork so you do not have to.

COMPLIANCE: NFPA 1989 Compliant!

MES On-Site Services

  • Inspection
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Testing and Calibrating
  • Repairs and Adjustments
  • Training

  • All Documentation and Record Keeping

Mobile Service Solutions

MES offers a highly effective mobile service solution for your breathing air compressor needs!

Offering semi-annual and annual programs designed to offer the highest level of service and support for your breathing air compressors!

MES is the choice for high level compliance services for your breathing air compressors!

Service Procedures

  • MES technicians will perform a thorough inspection and functional check of the compressor to ensure proper operation to include the drain system.
  • MES Technicians will conduct a Pre-Service air-sample per NFPA 1989 standard
  • MES Technicians will drain the Compressor oil, inspect and re-oiled with quality synthetic oil such as Anderol 500® or IR700
  • MES Technicians will clean and replace as needed the Oil / Water separators
  • MES Technicians will replace the Purification cartridges and cartridge holder O-rings
  • MES Technicians will inspect and clean and rebuilt as necessary the auto-condensate system, the flow-fuse(s) re-conditioned
  • MES Technicians will install a new air intake filter
  • MES Technicians will conduct preventative maintenance on your Diesel engine if required
  • MES Technicians will conduct a post-service air-sample per NFPA 1989 standard
  • MES Technicians will calibrate the CO sensor if available
  • MES Technicians will reset the controller service and maintenance reminders if required

  • Any deficiencies will be noted, repairs completed and adjustments made on-site!

Speedy Service

MES operates with a goal of completing 95% of repairs on-site / on-time. With a 24-hour response and 48-hour service goal, MES keeps you in service and ready to respond!

Multi-point Inspections and Testing

Liability: Let MES manage your breathing air compressor program taking on the responsibility and liability so you will not have to.
Expense: Our services are a cost-effective way to maintain compliance without the enormous investment in test equipment, tools, spare parts supplies and training.
Time: Implementing MES services means less time worrying about your breathing air compressors and more time to focus on the task.