Using a Dynamic Quote as a Customer

Navigating through Dynamic Quotes as a Customer:

Click the 'Login' link at the top of the page, if not logged in already. Once logged in, you will see a welcome message displaying your username. If you click on your name, you will be presented with the Account Overview dropdown menu.

In this dropdown menu you will see a subtab with the heading Orders. Within the orders section there will be a number of options, one of them being 'Dynamic Quotes'. Click on this Dynamic Quotes link.

After clicking the link, the Dynamic Quotes page will be displayed, showing all your available dynamic quotes. From here you may click on the Quote number to show details for the quote.

All items will begin with a quantity of 0, and this is where you may choose which items you would like to order, and how many of them you want. Once you have selected the quantities you want scroll down to payment and address sections.

Here you need to select or confirm the payment type and choose the shipping and billing address, and then hit the 'Continue'

This will bring you to the final review page, where you can double check to make sure you are getting all the items you chose, and the correct number of each item. Once you click 'Submit' the quote is finalized and converted into a sales order.