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MES is your knowledge based Rescue Tool Solution Specialists! MES specializes in the service and maintenance of your Hurst and Genesis rescue tools. Our service technicians can inspect and repair Hurst and Genesis rescue tool products on-site with our state of the art mobile service centers.

Service Process

MES Exclusive Multi-Point Inspection Program provides insight into the comprehensive and rigorous inspection of all your rescue tools from Cutters, Rams, Spreaders, to combination tools and power units. The full inspection of all of the department’s tools will be covered by a 78-point inspection.

The inspection covers topics such as:

  • Overal Tool Condition
  • Inspecition of fluid level and condition
  • Inspection of all tool parts and valves
  • Inspection and testing of tool pressure
  • Inspection of fittings
  • Inspection for damage


MES factory trained and certified technicians will clean and conduct an operational inspection of your rescue tools. Any deficiencies will be noted and recorded in our database.

Preventative Maintenance

MES is a Five Star rated servicing company employing factory trained and certified technicians. Our service technicians can inspect, conduct preventative maintenance and repair all of your Hurst and Genesis rescue tools which will keep you compliant and ready for the task! Any deficiencies will be noted, repairs completed and adjustments made on-site!

Data Collection - Record Keeping

MES maintains a database where we create, collect, maintain and store all records pertaining to each rescue tool. We take care of all documentation and paperwork so you do not have to.


OSHA and NFPA 1936 Compliant!

MES On-Site Services

  • Inspection
  • Prevantive Maintenance
  • Testing and Performance Metrics
  • Repairs and Adjustments
  • Training

  • All Documentation and Record Keeping

Speedy Service

MES operates with a goal of completing 95% of repairs on-site / on-time. With a 24-hour response and 48-hour service goal, MES keeps you in service and ready to respond!