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Highly Trained Experts Offering Repairs and Service

  • Our service team consists of over 185 sales and service experts, 72 mobile service technicians, and 16 in-house service centers located throughout the United States. Our team members, most of who are also first responders, are committed to helping our customers maintain their quality name brand equipment with on-time repairs, service and testing. It is our goal at MES that our customers' equipment performs to the latest manufacturer's specifications and NFPA Standards to ensure safe and reliable service and protection.
  • More first responders turn to MES for firefighting equipment than other supplier in North America. MES specializes in the sales and service of Air-Paks, Breathing Air Compressors, Rescue Tools and Gas Detection Equipment. With 1,300+ years of combined experience in first responder service and 8,000+ hours of certified training which adds up to better product knowledge, service and training for our customers!