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June 11, 2018

Municipal Emergency Services, Inc. (MES) Welcomes Warren Fire Equipment to the MES Family

Founded in 1920, Warren Fire Equipment, headquartered in Warren, OH is a leading supplier of fire equipment to first responders and fire suppression systems and hand portable extinguisher to businesses across the Ohio region.

Commenting on the purchase, MES President, Tom Hubregsen, stated "We are honored, owners Lynda and Bob Malone have entrusted MES to carry on the nearly 100-year heritage of Warren Fire Equipment."

About Municipal Emergency Services, Inc.
Established in 2001 Municipal Emergency Services has quickly grown to be a leading supplier of many of the best brands in the fire service including 3M Scott, Honeywell, Fire-Dex, Seek Thermal, Hurst Jaws of Life, Matex Hose, Elbeco, 5.11 Tactical and many more. With a national network of sales representatives, mobile service technicians and in-house service centers strategically located around the United States, we can assure that our customers are purchasing quality name brand equipment.

About Warren Fire Equipment
Founded in 1920 as Warren Fire Extinguisher the company continued to evolve from selling and recharging hand portable fire extinguishers to providing a complete line of fire protection and firefighting products and services. Bob and Lynda Malone purchased the company from Lynda's parents in 1996 and continued to cultivate and increase product selection and services. Warren Fire Equipment is the premier provider of fire suppression services and firefighting equipment across Ohio and Western Pennsylvania.

Warren Services Offered

  • Portable Fire Extinguishers
  • Fire Control Systems
  • SCBA
  • Firefighting Equipment and Apparatus

The Warren Fire Equipment Story
Often referred to as WFE, Warren Fire Equipment, Inc. has created one of Ohio's greatest business success stories from little more than an adherence to a belief in honesty and hard work. Established in 1920, and known as Warren Fire Extinguisher, the company located at 435 East Market Street, Warren, Ohio, has evolved from selling and recharging hand portable fire extinguishers to providing a complete line of fire protection and firefighting products and services. During the past nine decades, the company has continued to grow with quiet strength to meet the demands of the firefighting industry, arguably one of the most important professions in the United States of America.

In the mid 1940s, Warren Fire Extinguisher was purchased by W. Bryce Piper and began offering personal apparel, tools and related equipment to fire departments. By 1951 motor fire apparatus was added to the product selection and a new name was created, Warren Fire Equipment, to better define the products the company offered. In 1961 the company was purchased by Edwin and Joanne Ott. Ed and Bryce Piper had developed a friendship as Ed was the owner/operator of the Gulf station that Bryce frequented as he made his way out of town to call on fire departments.

Under the Ott's leadership the company prospered with the expansion of product selection and a full-time extinguisher service department was developed. The company moved to Vermont Avenue, SW, Warren, Ohio, an automatic fire suppression division was opened, hydrostatic re-testing equipment was installed and a CO2 liquid storage tank was purchased. To diversify the organization, and utilitze the recent equipment purchases, WFE became a Coca-Cola fountain drink distributor.

Understanding the needs of fire departments, and proposed changes to NFPA 1852, in 1984 the Otts acquired a breathing apparatus service operation to enhance the company's portfolio and opened a second location in West Carrollton, Ohio. "At Your Site" SCBA service was organized and mobile SCBA test units began traveling throughout Ohio.

After almost 35 years of building a company with determination, integrity, and hard work, the Otts made the decision to sell the company and enjoy a well-deserved retirement. It was no surprise to the Warren Fire Equipment family when, in 1996, the business was purchased by Robert and Lynda Malone, Ed and Joanne's son-in-law and daughter.

The Malones brought distinguished accomplishments to their roles as President and Chief Operating Officer of Warren Fire Equipment after years of training and working in various retail and supervisory roles. Their passion for building a successful organization was based on the values and principles they were both taught growing up. Dedicated to their new undertaking as owners, pivotal changes were implemented to help the company expand and each high potential. Launching their ownership with 13 employees, the decision was made to expand, breaking ground for a new facility in Lordstown, Ohio, which is where the organization's corporate office remains today. Using their stabilizing influence with both customers and employees, the Malones have continued to cultivate and increase product selection and services.

Through recent acquisitions the company has expanded their service area and prominence in the service of hand portable fire extinguishers and pre-engineered supression systems, reaching from the lake to the river. The municipal sales division continues to meet the needs of municipalities throughout the state of Ohio and western Pennsylvania.

Staying true to the company's core beliefs in honesty, integrity, good character, and truth, the Malones and their WFE family have grown the organization into what it is today - an organization focused on excellence in customer service, superior product selection and fairness in pricing. This group of 45 individuals have a true passion for making each and every customer's experience positive and memorable as they strive to meet the unique needs of each one of them. The company stands firm in that they are not resting on their reputation, they are building it!

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